Moving Faster

From source to refinery, our strategic partnerships down the supply chain create efficiencies that result in faster product delivery and quicker payment turnaround—typically twice as fast as our bigger, less nimble competitors.


We buy and move product straight from the source


Logistics and efficiencies are always at the forefront


Well-balanced assets and customization capabilities


Strategic partnerships lower costs and increase efficiency


Flexibility and dependability builds more than trust

Moving Beyond

At Vankor, our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships for all parties. We do this by moving beyond conventional industry thinking to be more agile, flexible and personal than the big boys.

Relationships are essential to what we do, and we do them better than anyone else.

Let’s Work Together

Call us. We’ll prove how moving smarter can make all the difference. 972-217-4774.

Vankor is proud to partner with Tony Stewart and Texas Motor Speedway

Vankor is the title sponsor of Tony Stewart’s upcoming Sprint Car Nationals race at Texas Motor Speedway on October 31th – November 1st, 2019. This event is a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude to the partners we’re lucky enough to work with each day.

We hope to see you there!

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